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Last updated 1 Dec 2022
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Term 1 Panthers Rising Stars 1 Session / Week

Term 1 Panthers Rising Stars 1 Session / Week

Registration is now closed

Event Dates

StartFriday 23 February 2024

FinishFriday 26 April 2024

Registration Dates

OpenSaturday 3 February 2024

CloseFriday 22 March 2024

FeesTerms and conditions

Reduced Fees as Program now started!

Casey Panthers Rising Stars Program is for new players to develop the basic skill set and help build Confidence before joining with a team and playing matches.

Run by our Qualified coaches, each session is designed to progress the development and skill of each player.

This program will be 1 Session per week and will run for 8 Weeks.

Participants will be group by age and each session group limited to:
U7, U8 & U9 = 18 Players.
U10 & U11 = 15 Players
U12 & U13 = 15 Players

Dates & Time:
Friday's 5:30pm to 6:45pm
Starts 23 February 2024, Finishes 26 April 2024
No Sessions on 1 March or Good Friday

*Please Note - There are no Playing Kits with this provided with this Program


    • 100 Per Attendee

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit Card

Casey Panthers Soccer Club would like to thank CPS Security Services for their support and sponsorship.
CPS Security Services
Phone (13) 0079 8719

Terms and conditions

  • When you register with Casey Panthers Soccer Club (CPSC) you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

    Registrations are completed online through Majestri. You will need to create an account to Register. Existing Members should have their details in Majestri from the previous year. All payments must be made through Majestri.
    Fees must be paid in full at the time of registering. If payment is not paid you will not be able to participate.
    By registering with CPSC you agree to abide by the Constitution, Policies, Codes of Conduct and all Terms and Conditions, all of which are displayed on the club website.

    2. REFUNDS
    If you decided to not participate, the following are the conditions for the Club granting a refund:
    From the when you Register up to the commencement of the first session, any participant who withdraws will need to make application in writing to the Committee requesting a refund. This application must outline the reasons to support the request for refund. Conditions for a refund are:
    > Prior to the first session = 100%
    > After the First Session and prior to the Fourth (4th) Session = 50%
    > After the Fourth (4th) Session = $0

    Any request for refund of fees must be sent to the club in writing to the Secretary () and will be forwarded for the attention of the Club Treasurer.

    Any breach thereof may be subject to immediate disciplinary action by authorised Football Victoria (FV) personnel and/or pursuant to FV constitution, regulations, policies and by-laws including the Grievance, Disciplinary and Tribunal (GDT) By-Law. Sanctions include suspension or exclusion from the Program.
    i. I will not engage in the use of crude, foul or abusive language that may be determined offensive or engage in any conduct detrimental to the image of the game when on or off the field.
    ii. I will refrain from arguing with the referee and/or assistant referees regarding decisions they make.
    iii. I will treat participants, officials and spectators with respect.
    iv. I will play by the laws of the game.
    v. I will cooperate with my coach, team mates, referees and officials.
    vi. I will not use any banned substance or drugs of dependence.
    vii. I will display good sportsmanship at all times.

    i. Remember that children play sport for their enjoyment, not yours.
    ii. Encourage children to participate, do not force them.
    iii. Focus on the child's efforts and performance rather than winning or losing.
    iv. Encourage children to always participate according to the rules.
    v. Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a game.
    vi. Remember that children learn best by example. Applaud good play by all teams.
    vii. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.
    viii. Respect officials' decisions and teach children to do likewise.
    ix. Show appreciation of coaches, officials and administrators. Without them, your child could not participate.

    The sessions will run as advertised and are split into grouped ages.
    In the event of a training session being cancelled, then the Club will communicate this ASAP via email.
    When attending training you should arrive and be ready before the start time, must wear Shin Guards for training and games, bring a water bottle and a jumper. Training will be held on rainy days.

    5. MEDICAL
    In the case of serious injury or a medical emergency where either a parent or guardian is not present, the member grants permission to the coach, team manager or other member of the Club to seek and obtain medical treatment or hospitalisation. Members agree to meet all medical expenses for urgent medical attention which is required and is not covered by the insurance policy held by the Club. Members acknowledge that football is a contact sport and accordingly shall make no claim against the Club nor seek reimbursement by the Club for any medical or like expenses incurred as a result of any injury suffered in the course of training and/or competition save for any damages incurred which may be recovered against the Club as a result of a negligent act or omission by the Club or by its duly appointed agents.
    Members acknowledge and understand that non-financial players are not covered by insurance and will not be permitted to play until registration fees are part paid or paid in full.

    6. PHOTOS
    Casey Panthers SC is dedicated to the responsible handling of personal and health information and is strongly committed to protecting an individual's right to privacy. In the interests of protecting the privacy and rights of all club members and particularly our younger players (under 18yrs), CPSC has implemented the following policies and guidelines when publishing images or text on the web.
    During your participation in club activities, photographs may be taken of you. CPSC requests the right to publish these images in the promotion of the club or its events and projects. Photographs or images submitted to CPSC with the intention of making them accessible on the website or social media, will be carefully examined to ensure that they are appropriate and will not attract any negative attention before being made available on the website.
    Images of minors (under 18yrs): No personal information (e.g. names, addresses, contact numbers, email addresses) will accompany photographs/images on the CPSC website and social media. Images of junior players (i.e. under 18yrs) will be captioned with basic information about the game only (e.g. under 12's CPSC versus Berwick, 6th June 2020). If players are identified by first name used in articles, prior permission will be obtained from a parent or guardian.
    Images of players 18yrs and older: Name or game information (e.g. 2nd Division, CPSC versus Seaford, 7th June 2020) will be used as captions for images of players 18 years or older. Where images identify players by name, formal permission is required. Unless otherwise formally advised, CPSC does not endorse or take responsibility for any individual who photographs or captures video footage of players, officials and other members of the public. Casey Panthers SC advises all individuals who intend to take photographs and/or videos of games involving CPSC players to obtain consent from the relevant coach/team manager. It is advised that individuals also obtain permission from opposition coaches/team managers. Casey Panthers SC does not take responsibility for individuals who fail to adhere to this guideline.
    When registering, I agree to the above policy and grant permission to CPSC the right to use my physical likeness without restriction in any promotion or promotional material created by CPSC for promotion of its program, projects or events.
    No fee or remuneration will be provided for appearance in any Casey Panthers Soccer Club program and/or related promotions, and unlimited use of this image will be granted for this purpose only.
    Images and photos may not be copied or downloaded without permission of the Casey Panthers SC. Casey Panthers SC does not take responsibility for inappropriate use of images or footage obtained during the course of games involving CPSC teams, or for images downloaded from the internet. Permission given to publish images on the Casey Panthers SC can only be revoked in writing.

    If a player, parent or guardian has a grievance with any aspect of their training, then they are to raise it the club secretary, who will then raise the issue with the coach. After this process, if the matter has not been resolved, then the team manager should report this matter to the President for further discussion and resolution.